Volume 4 ISSUE 1

An empirical study of antecedents of super-measure management affecting employee's performance and satisfaction

A.K.M.Mominul Haque Talukder



Purpose: The purpose of this research is to test antecedents of Super-Measure Management (SMM) to predict employee performance and satisfaction in the organizations. Introduction: An organization‟s long-term success in meeting its strategic goals and objectives relies on its ability to manage employee performance and ensure that its performance measures are aligned to its culture and consistent with organization‟s needs. Literature review: The literature review reveals that the performance measures are required to be carefully evaluated and selected, and must be consistent with the expected results. Tools, like the “Super Measure” (SM) are of great relevance in modern management as it is a single measure that has great relevance with difficulties across an organization. Methods: Data were collected by using well-defined closed ended questionnaire. The sample consisted of 100 employees from a large manufacturing firm. Conclusions: The result indicated that employee performance and satisfaction are positive and significantly related with firm‟s service guarantee, customer relationship, strategic alignment, leadership, and compensation. Recommendations: The findings suggest that using these dimensions may provide organizations with the potential to improve performance and satisfaction of employees.


JEL. Classification: M11; M51; M54


    Keywords: Service guarantee, leadership, compensation, performance, satisfaction