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KBJ Volume 10 2017

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Impact of Capital Structure on Financial Performance of Textile Sector in Pakistan AttaUllah, Muhammad Kashif, SaifUllah View
The mediation of customer satisfaction and moderation of Price: Evidence from the generation Y users of cell phones Kamran Khan, Dr. Irfan Hameed View
Credit Obtaining Challenges Faced by Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs Samiuddin Shaikh, Aisha Bashir Shah, Fawad Ashraf View
To Evaluate the Important Factor for Achieving Team Effectiveness in the Small Projects: An Analytical Hierarchical Process Approach Muhammad Masood Mir, Mehran Tunio, Faakhir Husnain View
A Preliminary Investigation of the Effects of Servicescape on Consumers’ Loyalty Intentions Syed Karamatullah Hussainy, Umair Tariq, Eesar Khan View
The Impact of Emotional Branding in Customer Buying Behavior in Soft Drink Beverage Industry of Pakistan Hadiqa Riaz, Hassaan Ahmed, Dr. Saima Akhter, Mudassir Hussain View
Factors That Affect Brand Loyalty: A Study of Mobile Phone Industry of Pakistan Muhammad Tabish, Syed Furqan Hussain, Saher Afshan View

KBJ Volume 10 Special Issue 2017

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Analyzing Performance of Islamic and Conventional Funds Listed In Karachi Stock Exchange Syed Faizan Ahmed & Dr. Riaz Hussain Soomro View
Localization of Higher Education Commission Curricula: A Case Study of Economics Curriculum Khalid Khan, Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed Shaikh, Waqar Saleem Baig, Jalal Faiz & Mohammad Abdul Kamal View
Evaluating HR Practices on Organizational Productivity with the Mediation Effect of Employee Satisfaction Evidences from Higher Education Sectors of Karachi Pakistan Muhammad Masood Mir, Hafiz Muhammad Sharif, Nousheen Abbas Naqvi View
Mediation Analyses of Website Features On Online Purchasing Behavior Reema Frooghi, Dr. Arsalan Mujahid Ghouri, Syeda Nazneen Waseem & Shamim Zehra View
Determinants of Return on Equity: Evidence from the Cement Industry of Pakistan Ali Raza & Umer Farooq View
Building Employee Relationships through Corporate Social Responsibility Summaiya Zahid, Eesar Khan, Shaista Tariq & Kamran Azeem View

KBJ Volume 9

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Relationship Marketing: Understanding Customer Satisfaction in Online Retailing of Chase Value Center Farah Gogan & Urooj Fatima & Eesar Khan & Aamir Hussain View
The Influencing Factors of Employee Performance and its effects on Performance Appraisal of the Employees on Higher Education Sectors of Karachi, Pakistan Muhammad Masood Mir & Hina Amin View
Impact of Information Technology on Retail Sector in Pakistan Rashid Ali & Dr. Masood Subzwari & Shaista Tariq View
Awareness about Islamic Banking System Syed Fahad Ali View
Impact of Entrepreneurial Education on Students Entrepreneurial Intentions Muhammad Faisal Sultan & Hafiz Muhammad Shrif & Aqsa Maqsood View
Intention to Adopt M-Commerce over E-Commerce Sameeah Alvi & Ume Laila & Kamran Khan & Karamatullah Hussainy View
Impact of Branded Goods on Consumer’s Purchase Intentions Umair Tariq & Habibullah Khan View

KBJ Volume 8

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The Impact of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth in Cambodia: A Co-integration Approach Heng Hokmeng & Pahlaj Moolio View
Early Retirement Intention of Experienced Employees And Bridge Employment Dr. Noor Ahmed Memon & Muhammad Faisal Sultan View
Impact of Stock Prices on Macroeconomic Variables: Evidence from Pakistan Kamran Khan & Israr Ahmed View
Customer Behavioral Approach for using Micro-Credit: Analysis of Rural Community of Pakistan Huma Nawaz View
Determinants of Capital Structuring Of Firms of Cement Sector in Pakistan Raheela Haqqani & Kiran Zehra View
Analyzing the Affect of Celebrity Endorsement through Television Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior; Evidence from Telecom Customers Living In Karachi Muhammad Faisal Sultan & Muhammad Adeel Mannan View

KBJ Volume 7 Special Issue

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Exploring the Relationship of Work-life Conflict and Intention to Turnover: A Case of Teaching Hospitals of Karachi Ambar Abrar & Dr. Zaki Rashidi View
Measuring the Correlation between Ethical Dimensions of Advertisement and Development of Society Syed Karamatullah Hussainy & Syed Luqman Hakim & Muhammad Adil Khan View
Factors Influencing Selection of University by Working People in Pakistan Hassan Raza & Muhammad Faheem View
Effect of Present Law and Order Situation on Academic Performance at Secondary Level of Education Tahir Mahmood & Shumaila Bhutto View
Causes and Identification of Employees’ Politics and its Impact on Performance of Banking Industry in Pakistan Avinash Advani & Shaista Tariq View
Identification of Factors and their Impact on Employees' Training and Organizational Performance in Pakistan Zuhair Abbas View

KBJ Volume 7

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Enhancement in Entrepreneurial Succession: Trivial Focuses On Knowledge Base Enterprises Sameer Paul & Shariq Ahmed View
Analysis of Growth of Ijara Investment in Pakistan: A case study on Meezan Bank Nousheen Abbas Naqvi & Anila Perveen View
Factors Influencing Selection of University by Working People in Pakistan Shelina Bhamani & Shamira Bhamani View
Impact of Financial and Operating Leverages on firm’s profitability: A Case study of consumer product companies in Pakistan Saeeda Habib View
Critical Success Factors of Knowledge Management Systems Implementation Abdul Samad & Abdul Kabeer Kazi & Musaddiq Raheem View
Factors influencing the employees’ job placement through recruitment agencies in Karachi, Pakistan Syed Muhammad Waqar Hussain & Munir Hussain View

KBJ Volume 6

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Small Industries and its Impact on Global Warming Haradhan Kumar Mohajan View
An Exploratory Evaluation of the Employment Role of Commercial Cart Pushing in Metropolitan Lagos Charles Asenime & Akinlabi Hamed View
Human Resource Planning and Competitive Advantage: Investigating the Relationship A.K.M. Mominul Haque Talukder & Md. Irfanuzzaman Khan View
Human Rights in Bangladesh: Stresses on the Period of 2009 to 2012 Haradhan Kumar Mohajan View
Human Resource Consultancy and Organizational Growth: Exploring the Relationship A.K.M. Mominul Haque Talukder View
Population, Technology and Social Inequality: The Impact of the Dynamic Trio on Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Nigeria John Lekan Oyefara View
The Relationship between Gross Domestic Product and Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Cambodia Lim GuechHeang & Pahlaj Moolio View
Identifying Factors of Consumer Behavior in Selection of Synthetic Vinegar Faizan Ali & Gobind M. Herani View
An Analysis of the General and Gender Difference Regarding Emotional Intelligence among Employees: Evidence from Government and Non-Government Organizations of Hyderabad Anisa Gul Bhatti View
Managing Risk Factors through Corporate Governance for Financial Institutions of Pakistan Asim Nasar & Muhammed Saleem Mugheri & Zeeshan Rahaman View

KBJ Volume 5

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Ameliorating Financial Performance through Implementing Total Quality Management Practices: A Study of Pakistani Banks Abdul Aziz & Gobind M. Herani & Asim Nasar View
Finding out Factors Affecting Tele-density Growth in Pakistan (1997-2011) Abdul Aziz & Gobind M. Herani & Asim Nasar View
Port Environment Development: A Study of Chennai Port Performance of Ships C. K. Gomathi View
Factors Affecting Traffic Jam in Karachi and its Impact on Performance of Economy Faiq Matin & Gobind M. Herani & Usman Ali Warraich View
Challenges Faced by Textile Industry of Pakistan: Suggested Solutions Walayat Shah & Usman Ali Warraich & Abdul Kabeer Kazi View
A Study to Observe Factors of Internal Marketing and its Impact on Employees’ Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Karachi Pharmaceutical Industry Muhammad Zubair & Abdul Kabeer Kazi & Emadul Karim & Mohammad Qutubuddin Siddiqui View
Effects of Non-Pecuniary Rewards on Employee Delight Saba Gulzar & Syed Karamatullah Hussani View
Analysis of Influential Factors on Consumer Buying Behavior of Youngster towards Branded Products, Evidence from Karachi Asim Nasar & Syed Karamatullah Hussani & Emadul Karim & Mohammad Qutubuddin Siddiqui View
Identifying Factors Affecting Patients’ Satisfaction against Quality of Health Care Services: An Investigation from Aga Khan Hospital Karachi Fouzia Nasir & Gobind M. Herani & Nawaz Ahmad View
Profit Analysis in Indian Retailing with Special Reference to Reliance Retail Value Stores in Ranchi Shubhashish Kerketta & Sukanta Chandra Swain View

KBJ Volume 4

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Optimal Environmental Taxes Due to Health Effect Haradhan Kumar Mohajan View
An empirical study of transferring international human resource policies into local subsidiaries of Bangladesh A.K.M. Mominul Haque Talukder View
The NNP and Sustainability in Open Economy: Highlights on Recent World Economy and on Open Economy of Bangladesh Haradhan Kumar Mohajan View
An empirical study of antecedents of super-measure management affecting employee?s performance and satisfaction A.K.M.Mominul Haque Talukder View
Ranking of Public and Domestic Private Sector Commercial Banks in Pakistan on the Basis of the Intellectual Capital Performance Jamal Abdul Nassir Shaari & Muhammad Khalique & Abu Hassan bin Md. Isa View
Applying Total Quality Management in the Classroom and Solving Students Failure Masoumeh Pourrajab & Ramli Basri & Shaffe Mohd Daud & Soaib Asimiran View
Approval Voting: A Multi-outcome Election Haradhan Kumar Mohajan View
The Real Net National Product in Sustainable Development Haradhan Kumar Mohajan View
It’s Not Just a Brand Name: the Impact of Language on Consumer Attitude and Behavior Ernest Cyril de Run & Teh Chin Yee & Muhammad Khalique View
Output Maximization Subject to a Nonlinear Constraint Jamal NazrulIslam & Haradhan Kumar Mohajan & Pahlaj Moolio View
Prospects of Globalization Muhammad Mahmud & Madeha Almas View

KBJ Volume 3

Topic Author View
E-Learning – A Proposed Model to Meet the Millennium Development Goal-2 Gobind M Herani View
Faculty Mobility in the Private Universities: Developing Country Context Zakia Khan & Jashim Uddin Ahmed & Shah Md. Al-Emran Sarker View
Consumer Behaviour towards Women’s Cooperative Dairy (Swakrushi Milk): A Field Based Study in Karimnagar District, India Ravinder Rena & Suresh Vadde View
Gender Based Wage Discrimination and Its Impact on Performance of Blue Collar Workers: Evidence from Pakistan Syed Mohammad Naqi Abbas & Shaikh Asim Athar & Gobind Herani View
A Study on Global Human-Immunodeficiency Virus and its Effect in Bangladesh Jamal Nazrul Islam & Haradhan Kumar Mohajan & Pahlaj Moolio & Raymond Peter View
Impact of Organizational Culture on the Employees’ Commitment: Relationship between Levels of Organizational Culture with Commitment Muhammad Suleman Sabir & Adeel Razzaq & Muhammad Yameen View

KBJ Volume 2

Topic Author View
Socio-Economic Consequences of Adolescent Childbearing in Osun State, Nigeria John Lekan Oyefara View
Action Research: A New Look Jashim Uddin Ahmed View
Mapping China’s Trade with Sub Saharan, Africa: A Financing Mechanism Ghirmai T. Kefela View
Political Economy and Social Welfare with Voting Procedure Jamal Nazrul Islam & Haradhan Kumar Mohajan & Pahlaj Moolio View
Enhancing an Ethical Culture in Government Departments through PurposeDriven Leadership for Delivering Improved Service to the Public: The Case of South Africa Nirmala Dorasamy & Ravinder Rena View
Analysis of Education Policy, Neglected Areas and Better Management: The Study of North-East African Nations Ghirmai T. Kefela View
Establishment of Micro-Finance Bank, Utilizing NADRA’s Computerized Facilities: Suggestions for BISP, Asian Bank, World Bank and Donors Agencies to Disburse Funds Gobind M. Heran View
Job Satisfaction for Employees: Evidence from Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Nousheen & Gobind M. Herani & Mohammad Mahmud & Mohammad Tariq View

KBJ Volume 1

Topic Author View
Comparative and Cultural Perspectives on Educational Reform David Stephens View
Advertising Styles’ Impact on Attention in Pakistan Kashif Riaz & Syed Karamatullah Hussainy & Abdul Kabeer Kazi & Gobind M. Heran View
An Analytical Review of Different Concepts of Riba (Interest) in the Sub-Continent Farooq Aziz & Muhammad Mahmud & Emad ul Karim View
The Nature of Infaq and its Effects on Distribution of Wealth Farooq Aziz & Muhammad Mahmud & Emad ul Karim View
WTO and Agricultural Trade – Some Issues and Perspectives Ravinder Rena View
Factors Influencing Students' Learning at KASB Institute of Technology Kashif Riaz & Syed Karamatullah Hussainy & Hamza Khalil & Gobind M. Herani View